For 10 years, Elitys assists its clients with their projects.

Industrialization to industrial performance, our specialists engineering work closely with internal teams of partner companies. Their common motivation: to make current production tools even more efficient and imagine the industrial innovations of the future while optimizing quality, costs and delivery indicators (CQD)

Our add value ?

A quality service is that our high level of expertise with a good listener. We work on relationship with our clients and discussions with our consultants in a way to ensuring the success of projects.

Whatever your problem : to improve the quality production, to initiate the change management, to improve the industrial heritage, to enhance the internal skills, to meet the regulatory constraintes…

Elitys Consulting tailored services, in France and throughout the world, in three different complementary tasks : consulting, training and operational coaching.

For carrying out each tasks, Elitys Consulting build on baseline methodology in the industry segment : Industrialization, Methods / Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Maintenance, Technical services, Facilities, Quality, Purchasing and project management .Elitys have the authorization for "Crédit Impôt Recherche" (CIR).

Did you know ? Elitys have the authorization Crédit Impôt Recherche. As such, The french government subsidizes our clients to support their investments in R&D.


Key dates
  • September 2005 : Elitys Consulting founded at Villeurbanne
  • Mars 2006 : Elitys is become an authorized training organization office
  • December 2006 : Launch of technical party and "RMTP" (What king of an experience was your project?)
  • January 2009 : Our company exceeds 50 employees
  • December 2011 : Relocation of our office to Villeurbanne : Quartz's building
  • January 2013 : Opening of a branch in Paris
  • December 2014 : 100 regulars customers trust Elitys
  • September 2015 : Elitys celebrates its 10 years of operation