Our company’s culture is carried by our best ambassadors: the Elitys’ consultants. Thanks to their vision and their high experience value, they are actively involved in our customer’s projects to help them to build a strong industrial strategy answering to their short, medium and long term objectives.




On the one hand, we are constantly cultivating our relation with our customers in order to have a better understanding of their imperatives, to anticipate their needs and meet the objectives that we have set up together. On the other hand, our consultants remain in constant contact with their Manager and their Technical Director to have a control over our quality process. This special relationship with each party enable us to develop an efficient partnership, in a long-term cooperation logic.




Appealing Elitys means relying upon the strong knowledge of passionate engineers. Our projects teams are formed by consultants able to understand complex issues, approach and methodologies linked to several activity sectors. The correct coordination between our network of consultants and the Technical Direction ensure tangible results to our customers.




We believe on the human’s values. This is why we federate our collaborators around fundamental principles: personal development, gender equity, multicultural team… We organize internal events to promote exchanges between our collaborators, federate our teams and develop our expertise. We are convince that our consultants who constantly enlarge their range of skills at Elitys are professionals with a strong value-added for our customers.




The Elitys’ consultants are performance and results oriented. With their know-how-to-be and know-how-to-do essential for the performance of their profession: analytical capability, operational skills, managerial skills… the Elitys’ collaborators pilot the challenging projects of our customers. Their goals: generate proven results in term of operational realizations and impacts on our customer’s KPI.