From the beginning, Elitys Consulting has chosen a nearby management. Regular interaction with consultants ensure us to guarantee the success of industrial projects of our customers.

Elitys' teams are composed of broad experience. Throughout their careers, our consultants are supervised and monitored: Welcome Process, project review, individual development plan... We know that job satisfaction is a key success factor, so Elitys developping professional skills continuously in a gratifying and stimulating environment.

Personal development also requires a good balance between private and professional life. The aspirations of each employee is a priority for Elitys, who always try to serve their needs: close to workplace, opportunity international migration during a mission, corporate events conducive for informal discourse...

Become a consultant at Elitys is to ensure a sustainable career and a rewarding career. The variety of proposed missions and professional stability enable our employees to reach their full potential. Integrated Elitys Consulting is make the choice to work in a human organization to take up new challenges!

At Elitys, searching for talented people is a teamwork! Our differents services are actively involved in the selection process that takes place in 3 steps. One way to approach recruitment from all kinds of angles: management, technical and HR. Furthermore, we have paid particularly close attention to the co-optation. Our consultants may also recommend us professionals able to add value to our organization.

After assessing consistency occupational profiles with requirements' Elitys during the first interview,
two other appointments can be able to examine the technical skills, motivations and aspirations of the candidates.





Regular monitoring of our teams:

  • Day 1 – Welcome Process
  • Monthly – Project review : Follow-up ongoing mission with Business Manager
  • Month 3 – Integration assessment with the Human ressource department
  • Month 9 – New integration assessment to closely monitor the progress of consultant
  • Yearly  – Individual interview with your manager at the anniversary date
  • One to two years – Performance assessments